When should I take/prepare for the ACT?

Sophomore Year

  • Take the ACT at the end of the student's sophomore year (or fall of junior year) in high school for a baseline score if the student has completed Algebra 2.
Junior Year
  • Take the ACT in the fall of junior year to get a baseline score without any prep.
  • Take The Extra Point, LLC full program course to prepare for the ACT in the spring of the student's junior year.
  • Take ACT test during the February, April, or June testing date.
  • If available, order test results from the ACT using the Test Information Release Order Form to analyze results.
Senior Year
  • Take The Extra Point, LLC full program if the student has not had formal ACT prep.
  • Take The Extra Point, LLC online skills course or individual content course to help with deficient areas in preparation for the September or October test date if the student needs additional prep for the test.
  • Take the September or October test date, depending on when the student needs results for college admissions process. 

Should I take the ACT without any prep?

We have found that having a baseline score without any prep is helpful for evaluating a student’s natural strengths and weaknesses and developing an individualized prep plan earlier in the course.

What are LSU’s admission requirements?

Do you offer private tutoring?

No, our best results have always been from a student attending the full course program. We limit each course size to ensure each student receives the time and attention needed to improve ACT scores. After offering private tutoring for some time, we found better results in our course setting than in one-on-one tutoring sessions.

What if I have extended time?

In addition to content review and test strategies, we will help you prepare in an extended time setting and develop a personalized schedule for the time you are given to complete the test.

Does The Extra Point guarantee my score will improve?

The Extra Point does not offer a guarantee due to the nature and uncertainty of student learning styles and standardized testing. However, students who take our course with the right frame of mind and motivation, generally see a 2-4 point composite increase. If a student does not reach their desired score, we will continue to guide them without any further cost.

What if I miss a class?

We do not offer make-up classes. However, our instructors will meet with you during the next scheduled class to quickly review what you missed. We will always recommend that you complete any missed practice at home.

What is a normal score increase?

Students who attend all classes can expect a 2-4 composite increase. 

What should a student expect when taking a course?

The Extra Point offers an in depth and comprehensive test preparation program. During the course of our program, you will review key concepts from each content area test. We will work with you to address your strengths and weaknesses. From there, we will formulate a strategy for each content test tailored for your individual goals. In addition, you will complete approximately 1,200 practice problems and  full-length practice tests before the official test date.

  I just got my ACT scores back....AND I GOT AT 32!  3 MORE POINTS! Specifically in math, I got 4 more points than last time! Thanks so much!  
  I recently found out that I already have 6 college credits because of my ACT score. I emailed my mom and told her that your college prep course was one of the best investment we have made. It saved me time and money. I just thought you would want to know that!  
With your class and advice I was able to bring the score up from a 20 to 25 and from a 17 on the math to a 22!  I will now be able to apply to the colleges I am looking at with confidence and security. 
Sarah Catherine
  I just wanted to thank you for your awesome ACT Prep Course. I went into the ACT prepared to get a Composite Score of 24. This morning, when I received my test scores, my Composite Score was 27! Thank you guys so much again for putting on the Prep Courses.