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The Extra Point is a test prep company helping high school students increase their ACT or PSAT scores. We offer ACT Prep Classes (full program or individual content courses) and an extensive PSAT Program. At The Extra Point we believe in hiring highly qualified, content certified teachers that have experience helping students acquire knowledge in a variety of ways. We train these teachers to teach The Extra Point's test taking strategies for the ACT or PSAT. This gives our instructors the ability to personalize instruction for each student in our prep class.
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I got a 28 on my ACT!! I got a 26 on my first test and then a 24 the second time, so I pretty much jumped 4 points! I wanted at least a 27 for the highest TOPS award and a few colleges offer merit scholarships for a 27 so I am very pleased. Thank you for offering your crash course, I am very excited!!!
  I just got my ACT scores back....AND I GOT AT 32!  3 MORE POINTS! Specifically in math, I got 4 more points than last time! Thanks so much!  
  I recently found out that I already have 6 college credits because of my ACT score. I emailed my mom and told her that your college prep course was one of the best investment we have made. It saved me time and money. I just thought you would want to know that!  
I wanted to thank you for your incredible help on the math portion of the ACT. This was my first time taking the actual ACT, except for the plan test that I had taken every year. With your class and advice I was able to bring the score up from a 20 to 25 and from a 17 on the math to a 22! This was a great milestone that you helped me accomplish! I will now be able to apply to the colleges I am looking at with confidence and security. Thank you so much and I look forward to improving even more on future tests!
Sarah Catherine
Hope your Spring Break is going well! I just wanted to thank you for your awesome ACT Prep Course and give you some feedback on my test. I went into the ACT prepared to get a Composite Score of 24, possibly a 25 if I studied hard enough. This morning, when I received my test scores, my Composite Score was 27! Thank you guys so much again for putting on the Prep Courses. They helped me a ton and I'm sure they helped others just as much!